Arlington Apartments

10524 100 Avenue, Edmonton


Description of Historic Place

The Arlington Apartments, a rectangular five-storey brick pre-First World War apartment block, was located close to Edmonton’s downtown core on 100 Avenue.

Heritage Value

The Arlington Apartments is significant as it characterizes Edmonton’s rapid growth in population and consequent demand for accommodation during the pre-WWI economic boom. Built in response to the need for downtown accommodation, a function it continues to serve today, the Arlington Apartments addressed the aspirations of an emerging professional andmanagerial class by providing centrally located and attractive modern accommodation.

Important for its construction technique as well as its design, the Arlington Apartments were rapidly constructed in 1909 with load bearing masonry walls and marked the initial introduction to Edmonton of the apartment block as a distinct building type. Its simple well-proportioned design and modest classical detailing is reminiscent of the Edwardian era.

Character Defining Elements

  • the rectangular shape, scale, form and massing;
  • the south façade with central projected frontispiece comprised of three tiers of four windows, recessed arched doorway with pilasters and entablature;
  • the entablature with bold dentils, scrolled eave brackets and pressed metal cornice;
  • corner pilasters and string course at each floor;
  • the regular rhythm of the windows complete with keystones and cast stone sill;
  • paired double hung wooden sash windows on the front and rear façades;
  • metal fire escapes on the east and west side of the building;
  • concrete base.

After a fire in 2005, the building was demolished in 2008.


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