Brentwood Village: First Condominium in Canada

14300-58 Street NW, Edmonton

Here stands Brentwood Village, the first condominium registered in Canada, back in 1967. A cairn is tucked away on a patch of green space on the corner of 144 Avenue and 58 Street, and the condominium extends east along 144th Ave.

It may not be the flashiest of heritage landmarks, but this is the first of what became a major shift in housing during the latter half of the twentieth century (and into the twenty-first). Townhouse-style units surround green space for residents' use.


Jackie Olesen - 10 Feb 2018

We lived at 14309- 58 st in Edmonton,,Last name was Ferr at the time,

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EhmAye - 10 Apr 2021

My Grandparents (Sutton) lived here from 1969-1976 then my parents took possession in 1977(Andrichuk) I was born and raised (1977-1995) at 5736-143ave in the Brentwood Village. I have so many memories of playing in the park with the concrete tunnels and slide. There was a kiddy pool up the hill but was turned to a sandbox...then a huge cat litter box lol. This condominium was the best place I’ve ever lived.

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Era: The Post-War Years
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