Gibbons Residence

10534 - 125 Street, Edmonton

The Gibbons residence was the retirement home of one of Edmonton's more colourful individuals. James Gibbons was born on Christmas day 1837 in Holly Hill, Donegal Ireland and immigrated to America in 1856. Over the next nine years he participated in various gold rushes in California, British Columbia, Idaho and Montana. His arrival in Edmonton in the mid 1860s followed reports of gold discoveries in the area.

From his arrival in Edmonton in the mid 1860s through to his retirement from the position of Indian Agent at Stony Plain in 1908 Gibbons played a variety of roles in the economic and administrative life of Edmonton. He mined gold on the North Saskatchewan River, traded furs with the Indians and homesteaded land that now makes up Edmonton's Laurier Park. After 1891 he conducted his business activities in a less itinerant manner, operating a wholesaler liquor store until he was appointed Indian Agent at Stony Plain in 1896. Following his retirement in 1908 he purchased the property for the construction of this house that was completed in 1911.

Gibbons' career and his retirement home thus reflect the transition of Edmonton from a fur trade outpost under the control of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) to an emerging urban centre in the new province of Alberta.

The Gibbons Residence is modeled after Georgian Revival residential designs that were popular across Canada and the Unites States from the 1880s through to 1915. Characteristics of this classically derived style in the brick Gibbons house include its symmetry, its hipped roof, the broad overhand with brackets under the eaves, a central doorway and a veranda supported by twin box columns.

-Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management Branch, Old St. Stephen's College, 8820 - 112 Street, Edmonton, AB T6G 2P8 (File: Des. 386)


Alberta Register of Historic Places: Gibbons Residence

Designation & Awards

Registered Historic Resource (1987/05/04)


Trina Goebel - 07 Nov 2014

James Gibbons is my great grandfather on my mothers side. His son Wilfred was my mothers father. This article was a wonderful find

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Jennifer White - 18 Apr 2016

This is my great great grandfather on my fathers side! Such amazing history!!!

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Catherine Young - 29 Aug 2016

My great grandfather was James Gibbons Jr. He was the first born son of Isabel and James. Isabel was French, it was James Jr who married a young Cree woman named Sophie

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Dolores Catherine Murphy - 05 Apr 2018

My maiden name was Gibbons! My dad was James Leonard Gibbons (passed) his brother was Larry Gibbons (passed) and their sister was also Dolores Catherine Gibbons (passed)! Their father was William (Bill) Gibbons (passed) and William (Bill's) dad was James Gibbons from Donegal, Ireland who was my great, Grandfather!

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Jeff Gibbons - 25 Jun 2018

Nice to see so many of James’ descendants in the comments! James was my Great Great Grandfather. He had my Great Grandfather James Clarence Gibbons who had my GrandHarry Roy Gibbons who had my dad Robert (Bob) Gibbons. I have driven by so many times but have yet to get up the courage to ask for a tour by the owners.

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Lisa Brodeur - 14 Jun 2019

This is my house, I love reading about the history & would like to know more about it if anyone has any details

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Matthew Hart - 23 Jan 2020

Unfortunately the owner James Gibbons was a racist, a murderer, and truly not someone to be proud of. He allowed an indigenous woman to marry his first born son James Gibbons Junior. But forced her to denounce her history and culture. Forced to say she was black Irish. She wasn't even allowed to speak her language in her own home, for fear of what would happen to her. James Gibbons is my great great great grandfather. I have new paper articles that highlight his murderous and atrocious ways. The Gibbons need to stop being Celebrated. It is not a name I am proud to come from. Every single one of the defendants from James Gibbons first born son, stop reading our indigenous history, and stop celebrating an atrocious man.

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Matthew Hart - 23 Jan 2020

It is not a name I am proud to come from. Every single one of the descendants from James Gibbons first born son, stop denying our indigenous history, and stop celebrating an atrocious man.*****

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Courtney Gibbons - 26 Mar 2020

My grandmother actually met James Gibbons (Sr.)'s wife Mary Isabel (my great-great-grandmother) when Mary was very old and saved some newspaper clippings about her. My grandma (who is 95) said Mary came from Red River Settlement on a red river ox cart and was Metis. I recently found the scrip certificate which issued Mary 250 acres in extinguishment of her aboriginal rights, confirming that she was Metis as my grandma says. I'm not from James Jr.'s line, although I am saddened to hear that is the case.

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Gillian Caldwell - 28 Mar 2020

This was our house from 1985 to 1990. We had it designated and did some restoration. Miss it!

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Brooke Leifso - 20 Apr 2020

Hello Matthew and Courtney, I am working on a project that is tracing the history of Jasper Place. We are looking to see if there are stories or artifacts of James Gibbon's Sr. benefiting from selling indigenous land and majorly profiting from this. If you have any family stories, we would love to hear them:

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Jennifer Brule - 04 May 2020

I babysat for years as a teenager for the family that bought the house from you Gillian Caldwell. I also house sat for them and slept in the basement. Creeped me out! It is a very neat house!

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Anne Naughton - 13 May 2020

Courtney Gibbons. Would it be possible to touch base. My gggm was the mother to Mary Isabel and I would love to learn more about them both Thanks

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Courtney Gibbons - 22 May 2020

Hi Brooke, I’ll be in touch! Anne, my email is if you’d still like to connect.

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David Woodley - 23 Nov 2020

Catherine Young could you please contact me . I have lost contact with your mother . My Grandfather was James Jr . And my great Grandfather was James Sr, Dolores could you give me your contact info as well . Thank you .

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Jennifer Ann Gibbons - 18 Mar 2021

James Gibbons is my great grandfather. I have a lot of information about him and his wife. Included in this are originals of his will and his wife’s will. Also I have his autobiography. This is just some of the important documents I have.

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Jennifer Ann Gibbons. Now Jennifer Ann Waldron - 18 Mar 2021

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Ryan Kaye - 14 Jun 2021

This man forcibly stole an entire nations land from the Michel band. He is a Gordy story of Canadian history and you should be ashamed!

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NYC NY Moving company - 23 Sep 2021

A powerful share! I have just forwarded this on to a friend who was performing a little bit research on this. And he in fact acquired me lunch due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me to reword this…. Thanks to the meal!! But yeah, thanks for paying some time to talk about this matter here on your internet site.

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