Hop Kee Laundry

10150 97 Street, Edmonton

Hop Kee opened his laundry business, Hop Kee Laundary, at 212 Namayo Avenue in 1908 and was in the premise for two years. Where he went after that could not be traced in the Henderson’s Directory for Edmonton from 1910 onward. The only thing that may give a clue to why he had left the premise is the appearance of Namayo House in 1912 with 212 Namayo Avenue as its address. In the same year Namayo House was also listed at 216 Namayo Avenue. 212 Namayo Avenue was converted to 10150 97 Street under the city’s new street numbering system. In 1915, this was the address belonging to Northern Hotel. In 1925, it was the Thornton Hotel. In 1928, it was listed as the New England Hotel, which had a barber shop within its premises. The building was eventually renamed the New Edmonton Hotel, a name it retained for the rest of its existence.

As for 216 Namayo Avenue or 10158 97 Street, the building was a rooming house beginning with Namayo House, followed by Paris Rooms, Patricia Rooms, Arma Rooms, Park Rooms and Peace River Hotel.


E Conrad - 02 Mar 2018

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Era: Urban Growth
Themes: Trade & Industry
Cultural Groups: Chinese
Area: Central

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