Hotel Cecil

10406 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

The Hotel Cecil opened its doors on October 1, 1906.  Originally the business was jointly operated by François Lannic and Charles H. Bélanger.  Mr. Bélanger soon bought out Mr. Lannic’s interest and ran the hotel for many years.

Expanded in 1910, the hotel included 65 guest rooms, a parlour, writing rooms, a 300 seat dining room and a ladies rotunda.  The dining room regularly featured a live orchestra and, on special occasions, served up delicacies like Russian caviar, broiled B.C. salmon Hollandaise, and saddle of venison with port wine sauce.

Designed by Edmonton architect Roland Lines, the Hotel Cecil featured an entrance flanked by double Ionic columns. It was finished in brick, with stone accents.  During a 1914 renovation the main entrance was moved to the southeast corner of the building.

- Edmonton Historical Board

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RolandBressmer - 19 Nov 2014

During the Demolition of the Cecil Hotel in 2005.

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RolandBressmer - 19 Nov 2014

May 19, 2008 and now it is a Sobey's Grocery Store.

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Charlene Haddock - 29 Dec 2017

Stayed there in 1957. Wow! It was party central!

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RolandBressmer - 02 Mar 2019

Cecil Hotel on Jasper Avenue in the 80's. Jasper Avenue and 104 Street .

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Chris Distin - 13 Feb 2021

I stayed there in 1991, we were British Soldiers on Vacation from our Exercise in Medicine Hat. I will never forget the experience... after 2 days the drug dealers and Prostitutes left us Brits alone and it was the cheapest Hotel in town... which was good for our wallets... we were young and probably had no idea of how much Danger was around... I've heard it was a real bad place to be... but we had a great laugh there and the stories are plentiful for a weeks stay at a Hotel... :-)

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Wendy Washburn - 14 Jun 2021

My Irish immigrant grandfather lived at the Cecil in when he returned from WWI in 1919, along with his sister when she arrived from Ireland in 1918. It sounds like it had everything they needed. It sounds like it could have been dicey at that time too. Good thing his sister had her strapping young brother to take care of her!

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Len - 01 Sep 2021

Got barred out of the Cecil Pub in 1973. Wonder if its up yet?

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Dave - 09 Jan 2022

Well put

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GJ - 15 Jul 2022

I met my girlfriend in there in the winter of 1979, the place had seen better days but she was a top girl. Happy days.

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