Land Titles Building

10523 100 Avenue, Edmonton

This building was erected in 1893 as the regional Land, Timber and Registry Office.  It is the oldest Federal administration building in Alberta.  During World War I it became the Victoria Armouries, serving the 19 Alberta Dragoons, and later the Edmonton Fusiliers and 19 Armoured Car Regiment.  In 1949 it was taken over by the Alberta Department of Health.

- Edmonton Historical Board


Alberta Register of Historic Places: Land Titles Building - Victoria Armouries

Designation & Awards

Edmonton Historical Board Plaque Award

Provincial Historic Resource (3/15/1977)


Alma Swan - 30 Mar 2017

It is a beautiful building, along with the people that provide a much needed service.

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Chuck - 24 Jun 2018

I was driving by the old land title building the other day, I saw it was fenced off, Is this building in disrepair, or is it going to be demolished,

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Matt - 27 Nov 2018

No it is going to be restored.

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Era: Urban Settlement
Themes: Government
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Area: Central

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