McDougall United Church

10025 Macdonald Drive Northwest, Edmonton

McDougall United is the third building on this site. The original one was built of logs by George McDougall and his son and served the congregation until 1892. The second church was outgrown and the new cornerstone for the existing building was laid in 1909. Always an active community church, McDougall sent thousands of packages to soldiers overseas during the Great War, made many garments for the poor at home and ran a soup kitchen during the 1918-1919 flu epidemic. It continues to operate as an inner city church and at one time the rumours of its demise were so prevalent that a large sign was erected outside the church saying “Not for Sale”! 

This original building of McDougall United was built on the side of the hill overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. George McDougall, his son and his wife’s brother-in-law did most of the physical work. The style was similar to the fur trade style of the St. Albert Mission, with vertical corner posts into which horizontal squared-off logs were joined. The little building may have been rough and open, but it was decorated with some fine gifts, such as a round stained glass window and a chandelier. As it was outgrown the log church was sold and moved about at bit. Happily it was rescued a few times and is now ensconced in Fort Edmonton Park complete with the melodeon that Rev. McDougall brought to the Fort in 1871.


McDougall Methodist Mission

"McDougall United ChurchBy Lawrence Herzog

Herzog on Heritage   |   September 26, 2011   |   Article 009

See photos of the McDougall Methodist Church of 1883 at Fort Edmonton Park.

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