Ritchie School

9750 74 Avenue, Edmonton

Designed by school board architect George E. Turner and built by the board’s preferred contractor team of George Pheasey and C.C. Batson, the three-storey brick school was well sited, but the location turned out to be somewhat unfavourable. Built atop a slough, the school was quickly plagued with the problem of a sinking basement. Teams jacked up the building three times to deal with the issue, and that first year, the basement was often filled with water, and unusable. As the only large building in the area, Ritchie School became a preferred community centre, and functions such as teas and club gatherings were popular. Operettas were also well attended.


"Ritchie School" by Lawrence Herzog
It's Our Heritage | Vol. 25 No. 14  | April 05, 2007

More about Robert Ritchie on the Mount Pleasant Cemetery page

Chapman Bros. Building, built by Robert Ritchie


Jim - 31 Mar 2017

I just read that the school will be torn down to build a new Catholic junior high for the Greater North Central francophone Education Region. Portions of the old section will be salvaged. What a shame!!!!

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Former Student - 31 Mar 2017

Myself and 2 generations before me attended Ritchie School. It would be real shame to see this wonderful historic building torn down. Why can't they do a complete renovation like they do with other historic buildings.

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nicole schlitter - 19 Aug 2017

I drove by my old Jr high RITCHIE and was sad to see it all boarded up. I pulled over and searched on google and saw it was slated to close due to poor attendence in 2008. Then looked over to see it is now a French school. Now they want to tear down the beautiful old section. What is wrong with canada that they will spend millions on on silly art projects (metal balls) and elevator stairs. But to save a land mark a peice of history is just too hard. Why can't we build something that lasts more than 20 years. We need to look to Europe for inspiration. In 200 years we will have no national historical land marks at least in the West.

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TM - 22 Aug 2018

Do not destroy history. Keep the old building. It’s our heritage. I agree with the last comment, what if they did this in Europe. Let’s get rid of the Tower of London, the Roman coliseum, the Sophia Hagia. Yes, Ritchie school is not those, but it’s Edmonton’s equivalent in a way.

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RG - 28 Aug 2018

Went there in 1963 the 50th anniversary. It’s a shame to see such a beautiful old building replaced with some ugly modern day building

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DN - 29 Dec 2018

My sister, two brothers, my wife, my sister-in-law, my business partners wife all students at Ritchie. None of these are included in the number of other friends that were there at the same time that I was '73-'75. It will be a shame to see the old building go. Strip the insides to the brick and wire to todays standards, why tear down existing bricks and mortar.

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William - 03 May 2019

I attend the school and I might be in the new school that they are building. The school is not safe because there meterials used in there that could give you cancer. It is a shame to see such beuty go away but the new school that they are building will help us, The students and our futures. I understand your sadness regarding this matter but, the area will be put to good use.

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Joan Bishop Alcock - 01 Jun 2019

Obsolete ! Really! So are the many many students who attended there . Several generations of my family have memories of being students there. How did the R>C school board get access to public school property !!!!! The greed and averice displayed in the destruction of older buildings like Ritchie School shows us how little respect is given to Edmontons history. Pathetic!!!!!!!!

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Dianne Martin - 21 Jun 2019

I attended classes in the original building 1972 -1974, it is a shameful but not surprising, that this city would allow such a historical building to be demolished. We will once again lose another piece of our past. I have many memories of my time there (if the walls could talk the stories they would tell). I was fortunate to attend the 95 year reunion in 2008 and took pictures inside this beautiful building full of original architecture. The image is of the oak and metal railings on the staircases.

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Terry Murdoch - 21 Jun 2019

My mother and 5 siblings, my father and 8 siblings attended Ritchie school in the 1930s to the late 1950s. I attended junior high there in the 1960s. Both families lived there from the 1920s to 2005. It is very sad to see such a beautiful building go. Edmonton is letting go of many historic buildings losing much character of the city. Sad.

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Diane Dandeneault - 21 Jun 2019

A beautiful School, I attended close to fifty years ago. I remember sliding down the banisters during class change. Wooden floors, never hot and stuffy during hot weather, the windows. So glad I had the chance of attending. My three daughters also went to Ritchie but at that time the old building had been closed off. My one Daughter said she always wished that they would have given a tour of the old girl. so sad to learn she will be torn down.

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Dianne Martin - 21 Jun 2019

Image inside one of the class rooms on the 2nd floor.

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Doug Belanger - 24 Jul 2019

I personally did not attend nor get to seem the halls of this building but worked on gas line replacements for the area in 2014 and was thoroughly impressed by the old architecture of this building and I kept saying to my co workers I sure hope they never tear this one down. Then I drove by it on my way to work two nights ago and thought to myself where is the school only to realize its been removed what a big history mistake wow so sad!I did not know about the decision to tear itmdown otherwise I would have tried to see inside it on the june 27 open house darn!

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