Saskatchewan Drive Archaeological Site

approx 7373 Saskatchewan Dr NW, Edmonton

The high river terrace, where Saskatchewan Drive and Fox Drive meet, overlooking the Whitemud stables in the valley, is similar to the setting of the Strathcona archaeological site. It faces west and south along the terrace edge. At one time the ravine now containing Fox Drive may have contained water. This spot gives a magnificent view west of the North Saskatchewan River valley.

Archaeologists think that an archaeological site exists along this terrace edge. Quartzite flakes from tool making or maintenance lie along the paths near the edges of the terrace. Eventually, archaeologists may test the area to determine how extensive these archaeological remains might be. This site will add yet another bit of information to the growing database about the human history of the area. 


Strathcona Archaeological Site

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Era: Pre-contact & Fur Trade
Themes: Education
Cultural Groups:
Area: Southwest

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