South Kames Archaeological Site

approx Whitemud Drive and Calgary Trail, Edmonton

Many of the kames on the south side of the river contain prehistoric remains. These relatively steep-sided hills are found as isolated mounds in Edmonton but occur in clusters west of Edmonton in the Lake Wabamun area. They were formed when glacial ice stagnated in the Edmonton area, allowing sediments to collect in openings between the ice. One of the most remarkable characteristics of these high hills is that humans periodically camped or lived on top of them for centuries. Unfortunately, on nearly every one of these hills, there has been significant development destroying most of the archaeological remains. An amateur archaeologist found a projectile point, bone fragments and stone flakes on the kame along Whitemud Freeway and Calgary Trail. Although it could not be dated, the projectile point resembles some of the Early Prehistoric points found elsewhere in Alberta.

You can take 106 street to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery Hill. From the Mount Pleasant hill the hill on the Calgary Trail is quite visible.


Riverbend Archaeological Site

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