St. Anthony's School

10425 - 84 Avenue, Edmonton

South Edmonton's first separate school (site)

In 1895, under the supervision of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, classes commenced in a portion of St. Anthony’s Church, but before long were transferred to a new building on this site.

Although new buildings were constructed, this site remains St. Anthony's School.

-Edmonton Historical Board


See photos of the original St. Anthony's Church & School at Fort Edmonton Park.

St. Francis Mission

Designation & Awards

Edmonton Historical Board Plaque Award


Tom Hall - 01 Mar 2020

Did grade 6 here in 59-60 before moving on to Mt Carmel. Still have lots of friends that I first met here in grade 6

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Dorothy Durksen - 10 Oct 2020

I went to St. Anthony Catholic School back in 1965ish. I was about 9 years old , in special Ed Classes

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Dorothy Durksen - 10 Oct 2020

I started at St. Agnes. moved onto St. Anthony's. moved onto Mount Carmel and last of all I finished school at St. Basil's. All Catholic School System. From 1962 until 1975.

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Era: Urban Settlement
Themes: Education
Cultural Groups:
Area: Southwest

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